#TakeOffTuesdays Has Officially Started. Here's the 1st Ever Video.

First day of #TakeOffTuesdays 

I'll make sure my southern accent isn't so thick on the other verses 😂😂 New verse every week until #JackOfAllTradesVol1 Street Tapes drop. Leggo 
Lyrics : 
My ignorant ass is back 
Who TF you thought it was 
Ran in a few niggas' cribs 
Two first 48s 
a couple shoot-outs 
And I still didn't get touched 
With my smooth ass 
I gotta Jergen's ass 
With a baby face 
I want Baby's money 
with my country ass 
That Hugh Heff...#JackOfAllTradesVol1 Coming soon. Tune-in Next Tues for #TakeOffTuesdays #ThisJustPractice

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